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ORIGAMI CONDOMS: The First Anal Condom Begins Clinical Trial in Boston

9 May 2013 - ORIGAMI Condoms, based in Los Angeles, CA, has been in development of the world's next generation of condoms. The company's unique silicone condom designs include the first condom designed and clinically tested for anal intercourse, the ORIGAMI Anal Condom. A Phase 1 Clinical Trial is underway in collaboration with researchers at The Fenway Institute of Boston. The ORIGAMI Condom was developed by Danny Resnic, a native of Boston, MA, who studied at the Art Center College of Design, in Los Angeles, during the mid 1970s.

Surprising to most consumers, especially to gay men, no condom has ever been safety tested for anal sex usage, nor has it been reviewed or approved for such by the FDA.

The near universal dissatisfaction with the old, rolled latex condom has marked the history of condom use since its creation, and consumers are eager for more pleasurable, less compromising options. Things that are worn need to be design specific to human anatomy. Hats are designed to wear on the head, shoes designed for feet, and likewise a condom for anal sex needs to be designed for compatibility with the rectum. The designers at ORIGAMI Condoms believe that the time for a new idea is long overdue.

The rolled latex condom has not had a significant structural design change since it was first marketed around 1918. To give perspective to the invention of the condom, consider that it was designed a few years after the first radio broadcast (1906), the invention of the tea bag (1904), and just 15 years after the Wright Brothers' first successfuly operated airplane flight (1903). 'Talkies', sound in the movies, started in theaters in1927, just 11 years after the first latex condom was sold.

ORIGAMI CondomThe ORIGAMI Anal Condom is the first design initiative to propose a condom specifically for anal sex. It is an inserted condom that is internally fitted into the rectum for receptive anal intercourse. This means the 'top' partner needs no condom. The innovation reduces potential irritation for the receptive partner and simultaneously optimizes sensation for the penetrating partner. It is intended to be easily inserted with one finger and it could be put in place hours before intercourse. This new idea eliminates the distraction with intimacy that is often associated with unrolling a male condom onto the penis.

The condom industry, now dominated by 4 major players, has not successfully leveraged new technologies for typical product design evolution. Condoms are still made the same way with the same type of dip molding equipment they started with following the industrial revolution. The issue is that men have never liked this form of protection but there was never an alternate choice available, until now. A paradigm shift from 'protection' to 'pleasure' will take some time, although the ORIGAMI Condom people are quite advanced with their developments.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation noted that "Origami Condoms provides an excellent example of a private enterprise focused on new condom design to promote consistent use by emphasizing the sexual experience. The idea of a condom that men [and women] would prefer to no condom is a revolutionary idea, but we know more today about sexual function than at any time in the past, and advances in relevant disciplines such as neuroscience, vascular biology, urology, reproductive biology, materials science, and other fields can contribute to new and unconventional approaches."

The US clinical trial for the ORIGAMI Anal Condom was funded by the National Institutes of Health. The new type of condom is expected to reach the market following FDA review sometime in mid-2015.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has decided to launch a competition for the eagerly anticipated, next generation of condoms. The winner of their $100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations may redefine how people all over the world will have sex in the very near future. The Gates Foundation is also offering the winners of this design challenge the opportunity for a subsequent, Phase II award of $1,000,000 to complete their product development and bring it to market.

Media contact: For additional information, photos or requests for interviews: Please contact Ray Chavez in Los Angeles, CA at: or by phone at: 310-299-2848 or 310-795-8222.


"Reproduced with permission - ORIGAMI Condoms"


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