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Pride Legacy Awards 2013 highlight bright lights of Vancouver's queer communities

Jen Sung
Out in Schools program coordinator Jen Sung was one of the winners of the 2013 Pride Legacy Awards. Photo: Matthew Burrows

by Craig Takeuchi on Jul 23, 2013

Outstanding individuals from Metro Vancouver's queer communities were given their time to shine on stage at the inaugural Pride Legacy Awards, which took place on July 20 at the Imperial.

Hosted by CBC's Fred Lee, the event honoured those who have been dedicating their time and energy to various social causes in local communities.

Eight awards were given out, each one representing a colour of the rainbow flag.

Nominations were open to the public. A selection committee chose three  finalists  in each category and the public voted for the winners.

Here is a list of the winners in each category. 

PINK-Sexuality: Sexual Health
This award recognizes an individual whose work has promoted sexual health. 

Bradford McIntyre: AIDS Vancouver vice-chair board of directors and spokesperson, and over 20 years of HIV and AIDS awareness work

RED-Life: Lifetime Achievement
This award recognizes an outstanding individual whose work has enriched Vancouver's LGBTQ community. Individuals must have dedicated at least 10 years of volunteer service to one or more organizations that promotes one or more of the Vancouver Pride Society's core values.

Shawn Ewing: has worked with and volunteered for Vancouver Pride Society and Surrey Pride, assisted the first Dyke March.

ORANGE-Healing: Sports
This award recognizes an outstanding individual whose work in sports has enriched, or raised the profile of, Vancouver's LGBTQ community.

Jag Bilkhu: Vancouver Frontrunners president

YELLOW-Sunlight: Community Superstar
This award recognizes an outstanding individual whose work has elevated the profile and prominence of Vancouver's LGBTQ community.

Barb Snelgrove: Queer FM cohost, Outlook TV reporter, MC for numerous fundraising events, board member of numerous organizations (including Vancouver Pride Society, Qmunity, and more), committee volunteer work (Vancouver City Hall LGBTTQ Advisory Committee, Positive Living B.C. Red Ribbon Advisory Panel Member, AIDS WALK for LIFE Community Advisory Committee, Vancouver Police Department Diversity Advisory Committee, and more), and extensive community work.

GREEN-Environment: Safe spaces
This award recognizes an outstanding individual whose work has promoted safer spaces in our schools, communities, and celebrations to ensure everyone can feel safe and be proud.

Maria Foster: Vancouver School Board Pride Mentor

This award recognizes an outstanding queer artist whose work has created dialogue around a key social issue in Vancouver's LGBTQ community.

Joe Average: nationally and internationally acclaimed Vancouver-based artist

BLUE-Harmony: Community Leaders
The award recognizes an outstanding individual that has dedicated endless hours as a board member to create real lasting change in Vancouver's LGBTQ Community through their volunteerism. 

Dean Malone: operations planning and management, various boards and committees, including City of Vancouver LGBTQ Advisory Committee, West End Mayor's Advisory Committee, Out on Screen, Aging Out, A Loving Spoonful, and more.

PURPLE-Spirit: Youth
This award recognizes an outstanding youth who embodies the spirit of pride. This award is intended to highlight the work of young people to promote Vancouver's LGBTQ community and create stronger, equal communities.

Jen Sung: Out in Schools program coordinator


SOURCE: Georgia Straight

"Reproduced with permission - The Georgia Straight"

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