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ICW: The International Community of Women with HIV/AIDS -

ICW-Asia Pacific announces plans for start-up office in Chiang Mai Thailand

14th November 2014 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - The International Community of Women Living with HIV Asia Pacific (ICWAP) is excited to announce that the new ICWAP will establish itself as an independent organization with headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This was decided in a landmark meeting 10 to13 November 2014 in Chiang Mai, by the ICWAP interim Board including representatives from three of the sub-regions (Pacific, South Asia, South East Asia), along with the regional and ICW global office staff.

"It is so exciting to work with these strong and amazing women living with HIV in the Asia Pacific region." claimed the newly elected ICWAP Chairperson Norlela Mokhtar. "We've worked very hard this year, from Bangkok to Melbourne to Chiang Mai to regenerate the network and place ICWAP back into the region."

ICWAP is part of the Global network that is run for and by women living with HIV (ICW). During this meeting the interim Board ratified a constitution, a strategic plan and an operational plan, thus marking an exciting new chapter in the long history of ICW as a global movement, reinforcing the critical role of women living with HIV in the global response.

One full day saw the Thai Positive Women's Network joining ICWAP for regional planning and developing an advocacy strategy to end forced and coerced sterilization and an agreement to support ICWAP with our registration and the transition of a new office in Chiang Mai.

"Women living with HIV in Thailand feel more powerful to work now that ICWAP is here. It is very important to work together for the future, and let the world know that women have capacity to deal with any issues in our lives," said Srisangwan, National Coordinator of Thai Positive Women's Network.

Our partners and donors fully supported this convening to identify and set regional priorities and to build systems that ensure our issues are on the regional agenda.

ICWAP has a strong committed board with representatives from three of the four sub regions with recruitment underway for new members. ICWAP have unanimously agreed to offer institutional seats on the board to women living with HIV from key populations, this is an exciting shift from the traditional model.  Rebecca Matheson ICW Global Director acclaims  "ICWAP is a progressive regional chapter and is leading the way in acknowledging that it is vital that our boards reflect the diversity that makes up our community if we are to truly represent all women and girls living with HIV".

Norlela Mokhtar said "This meeting has solidified my belief in the ICWAP women as powerful advocates and leaders for creating change at the highest levels across our region ."


For more information please contact:

Rebecca Kubunavanua ICWAP Interim Coordinator

Rebecca Matheson, ICW, Global Director

Reproduced with permission - "ICW: The International Community of Women with HIV/AIDS"

ICW: The International Community of Women with HIV/AIDS

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