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Facing AIDS for World AIDS Day

Join us in Facing AIDS for World AIDS Day

By the Team

For the past two years, we've asked people from across the country (and around the world) to share why they are Facing AIDS in honor of World AIDS Day, December 1.

Facing AIDS is an initiative based on a simple idea: we believe that we are stronger together, and that by sharing our faces and words Exit Disclaimer we can make a difference in the response to HIV and AIDS. We can reduce stigma. We can promote testing. We can support the goals and vision of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy to make them a reality.

At, we are Facing AIDS so that " The United States will become a place where new HIV infections are rare and when they do occur, every person, regardless of age, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or socio-economic circumstance, will have unfettered access to high quality, life-extending care, free from stigma and discrimination." ( National HIV/AIDS Strategy Vision Statement )

We kicked off Facing AIDS again this year at the U.S. Conference on AIDS (USCA), and over 200 people stopped by, filled out a sign about why they are Facing AIDS , and took a photo in our photo booth -- check out our Flickr group Exit Disclaimer to see what people had to say.

But USCA was just the beginning. Now it's up to all of us.

Check the video below which explains more about how Facing AIDS works.



Here's how it works:

Looking for inspiration? Check out the Facing AIDS video Exit Disclaimer highlighting photos from last year, or look through the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and think about which parts resonate the most for you.

Interested in hosting a Facing AIDS event in your community? Here are some tools you can use to help plan or promote your event.

  • Facing AIDS "how-to" guide including a step-by-step plan [ pdf (745 KB)]
  • Facing AIDS postcard [ pdf (1.51 MB)]
  • Facing AIDS video Exit Disclaimer from 2009.

Facing AIDS is an opportunity to promote HIV testing -- you can remind people that they can locate their local HIV testing sites by sending a text message to "KNOWIT" (566948) or by visiting for HIV prevention and service provider information.

Will you join us in Facing AIDS for World AIDS Day? Let us know what you are planning! Stay tuned for blog posts in the weeks to come about ways to take action for World AIDS Day (and beyond!).

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