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HIV Vaccine Awareness Day -
18 May 2010

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise invites you to join us in commemorating HIV Vaccine Awareness Day - the day in which we salute individuals on the front lines of efforts to develop a preventive vaccine against HIV.

Each day hundreds of scientists and thousands of study volunteers worldwide join forces to develop and test HIV vaccine candidates, the essential tool in reversing the global AIDS epidemic.

Developing safe and effective HIV vaccines is among the greatest scientific challenges ever undertaken.  It requires the collaborative efforts of the world's best researchers and scientific organizations.  So on HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, we recognize and thank the organizations and individuals conducting and participating in this vital research -- many of whom are active participants in the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise -- and renew our shared commitment to help defeat this global epidemic.

Please consider attending one of the HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Commemorations listed below. Or let us know of other events or programs you would like to share.

  Brazil | Kenya | Peru | South Africa | United States



HIV Vaccine Research Documentary

17 May 17 2010


Cine Segall, at the Lasar Segall Museum, Sao Paolo

A video documentary on HIV vaccine research will be launched at the Cine Segall movie theater.  This domestic video was produced by the Sao Paulo HIV Vaccine Trials Unit, gathering talks from trial participants, advocates and researchers on the importance of HIV vaccine research.

Contact : Gabriela Calazans, Community Educator, ; +55-11-5087-9854

Organizer : HVTN


HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
18 May 2010

Kericho, Kenya  

MHRP's program in Kenya, known as the Walter Reed Project, will mark vaccine awareness day by focusing upon HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS vaccine awareness.  We will have our traditional parade in town, 10K run, football game, and community session in the park.  

Contact : Mr. Charles Kilel:

Organizer : Walter Reed Project


HIV Vaccine Awareness Day community event

17 May 2010

13:30 - 18:00

Ufungamano House, University of Nairobi, Kenya

This event will feature a screening of the new IAVI documentary 'H is for Human', followed by an open discussion forum on progress in HIV vaccine research, with KAVI Program Director Prof. Omu Anzala as a guest speaker.

Contact :

Organizers : International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), Y-PEER Network and Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI)



"Muchas Luces por los Derechos Humanos" ("Many Lights for Human Rights-International AIDS Candlelight Memorial")

18 May 2010

17:00 - 19:00

La COREMUSA-Loreto, Iquitos

Commemorating and celebrating lives lost to and affected by HIV, including the importance of finding a vaccine, promoting respect and inclusion of people living with HIV, and showing the leadership of civil society.

Contact : Lucia Ruiz -

Organizer : HVTN


Perinatal HIV Research Unit Adult and Adolescent Community Advisory Group Door to Door Questionnaire

18 May 2010

South Africa

The Perinatal HIV Research Unit Adult and Adolescent Community Advisory Group will visit the community to assess knowledge on HIV vaccine efforts.  They will invite the community to a tent where there will be presentations about HIV vaccines, research, and the different CAGs. There will also be a panel to answer questions.

Contact: Loraine Mohosana, +27 12 339 8638


Bordeaux, Randburg

18 May 2010

09:00 - 12:00

Vega School Auditorium,  444 Jan Smuts Avenue, Bordeaux, Randburg, South Africa

This event will feature a screening of the new IAVI documentary 'H is for Human,' followed by an open discussion on the state of AIDS vaccine R&D. Guest speakers include renowned South African researchers Dr. Linda-Gail Bekker and Dr. Eftyhia Vardas.

Contact :

Organizer : International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)



CAPRISA - Inter-school Speech Competition  

21 May 2010

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal 

CAPRISA (Centre for AIDS Programme of Research In South Africa), Doris Duke Medical Research Institute, Nelson Mandela School of Medicine and the University of KawZulu-Natal are holding an "Inter-Schools Speech Competition" to increase knowledge and raise awareness on HIV vaccine research and AIDS, and share prevention methods.  The competition will include students from five secondary schools, and winners will be rewarded with trophies and certificates from CAPRISA.  Lindiwe & Malusi will provide entertainment, and speakers will include Miss Dladla.

Contact : Paradise Dudu Lembethe, Community Liaison Officer-- ; +27 031-2601944

Organizers : HVTN, SAAVI and Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA)


Cape Town

Community Drive Through

18 May 2010


Gugulethu, Nyanga

Driving through the community of Gugulethu, Nyanga and stopping at certain points still to be identified, the Tutu tester will be made available to offer communities different tests including an HIV test.  SAAVI will participate in this community event.

Organizer : Community Advisory Board of Desmond Tutu HIV Centre

Contact : Ntando Yola at 021 386 0053



Real People. Real Progress

4 June 2010

Medunsa, Gauteng

MeCRU, the Medunsa Clinical Research Unit in the University of Limpopo Medunsa Campus, will be commemorating HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, "Real People. Real Progress," the site's official opening by the South African National Health Minister.  The formal event will serve as a platform to popularize the site, and expand and establish networking channels with existing stakeholders and organizations.  An AIDS ribbon will be put upside down to form a "V" for "vaccines" for a vision for a world without AIDS and symbol of the urgent need to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.  Entertainment will include local celebrities, poems, the MeCRU Choir, formal speeches and traditional dancers.

Contact : Ronald Moate:




M-Spot HIV Vaccine Awareness Day and HIV Testing Event

15 May 2010

13:00 - 19:00

This event is designed to promote the importance of HIV vaccine research and clinical trials, HIV testing, HIV/AIDS education and safe sex practices among young gay, bi-sexual and transgender men between 18-40 years of age.

It is a collaboration between the AIDS Alabama Department of Education together with the UAB Vaccine Research Clinic.

Contact : Arthur Wynn at +1 (205)324-9822 ext. 35 

Organizer : AIDS Alabama 



18 May 2010


Corner of N. San Vicente Blvd. and Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA  90069

At a rally on the streets of West Hollywood, staff, friends and volunteers will be holding signs, passing out HIV vaccine information and handing out website-branded items to drive people towards our newly launched website,  This website contains videos, FAQs, links to other HIV and HIV vaccine websites, and information on how to participate in the HVTN 505 study.  APLA is also recruiting a celebrity spokesperson to join them on the streets and help pass out condoms and hold an HIV Vaccine Awareness Day sign.

Contact: Rosny Daniel: or +1 310-360-3867

Organizers : AIDS Project Los Angeles California, AIDS Research Alliance and HVTN


Castro Street Outreach

18 May 2010

Morning Shift 7:00 - 10:00

Castro Muni Station

Evening Shift 16:00 - 19:00

Castro mini pedestrian plaza


There will be a table set up with coffee/tea and pastries/cupcakes.  While wearing their "Team Vaccines" sweatshirt, partners will hand out treats and talk to people about HIV vaccine research.


Contacts : Tom Kennedy: tomk@tom? or Pedro Arista; or +1 415-54-4222

Organizers : San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the San Francisco Department of Public Health AIDS Office, and the SF STD Prevention and Control


Community Town Hall

18 May 2010

16:00 - 18:00

AIDS Project of the East Bay, 1320 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94612


Contact: David Williams at +1 (510) 663-7958

Organizer : AIDS Project of the East Bay         


HVAD Hits the Streets!

18 May 2010

16:00 - 18:00

City of West Hollywood


The City of West Hollywood expects to have a short ceremony proclaiming this "National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day" on May 18th which will be the kick-off to their outreach activities on the streets of West Hollywood from approximately 4-8 pm.


Contact : Michelle Simek, +1 213-201-1616

Organizers : AIDS Project of Los Angeles and the AIDS Research Alliance





There's Hope in Our Soul - Combating HIV/AIDS in the African American Community with a Focus on HIV Vaccines

18 May 2010

1237 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd., Atlanta, GA  30310


"There's Hope in Our Soul" is an HIV Vaccine Awareness Day community event.


Contact : Lisa Diane White at +1 404-505-7777

Organizers : SisterLove, Inc. and NAESM, Inc.





With Art Comes a Cure - Mural Dedication Ceremony

22 May 2010

10:00 - 14:00

The Sankofa Cultural Arts and Business Center, 5820 West Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL  60651


Project WISH - University of Illinois at Chicago and AIDS Foundation of Chicago


'With Art Comes a Cure' is a mural dedication ceremony and "edutainment" event.  Key project sponsors will speak.  The 15 x 30 foot mural entitled "Austin Is Doing Something (A.I.D.S.)" was inspired by With Me Comes A Cure , a public awareness campaign of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.  The mural was designed by artist Carla Carr and is the result of a year-long collaboration between residents, AFC, the Sankofa Cultural Arts & Business Center, and Critical Massive, an artist collective. To learn more, visit:


Contact : Johnathon Briggs: +1 312-334-0922;

Organizers : University of Illinois at Chicago, AIDS Foundation of Chicago, HVTN





AESTHETICS: Perception...(& the Eye of the Beholder)

25 May 2010


Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), BBOX Theater at The Gateway, 1601 West Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217


For the third year in a row, Brave Soul Collective (BSC) has been invited back to participate in Run of The Mill Theater's VARIATIONS PROJECT.  BSC will present an exciting evening of theatre, spoken word, music, and dance performances.  The night promises to be not only entertaining, but thought provoking & inspirational.  Brave Soul Collective Returns with...


Contact : Rickie Green at +1 410-800-2599

Organizers : Empowering New Concepts (ENC), Inc. /The PORTAL





Men's Shorts Program

13 May

19:00 (Men's Shorts program at the film festival)

21:30 at Club Café (afterparty)


Fenway Health is delighted to sponsor the "Men's Shorts" program during the MFA Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.  "Men's Shorts" is the most popular and one of the most fun programs of the festival each year and boasts a very enthusiastic crowd.  Fenway is also hosting the official "We Love Men's Shorts" afterparty at Club Café's Napoleon Piano Bar, starting at 9:30pm. There will be free food, door prizes and a chance to mingle with others who love Men's Shorts.  


Contact : Chris Viveiros--

Sponsor: Fenway Health Institute


Health Fair

The Latin American Health Institute-Boston, 95 Berkeley St., Suite 600, Boston, MA  02149

18 May 2010

15:00 - 19:00


Fenway Health Institute with the Latin American Health Institute will host a health fair to commemorate HIV Vaccine Awareness Day.


Contact : Saul Martinez- +1 617 778 1191

Organizer : Fenway Health Institute and HVTN


HVAD Button Dissemination  

18 May 2010

8:30 - 9:30


MAC staff will be located at (4) MBTA transit location from 8:30 AM-9:30AM disseminating 800 buttons to commemorate HIV Vaccine Awareness Day.


Contact : Cynthia Harris at +1 617-442-1622

Organizers : Multicultural AIDS Coalition (MAC) and Project Deliver Us


We Are the Generation: Community informed, Community engaged!

18 May 2010

31 Heath Street, Jamaica Plain MA 02130


A community presentation on HIV vaccines will take place on 18 May.


Contact : Cynthia Harris at +1 617-442-1622

Organizers : Multicultural AIDS Coalition (MAC) and Project Deliver Us


HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Health Fair & Round Table Discussion

18 May 2010

15:00 - 19:00

The Latin-American Health Institute-95 Berkeley Street Suite 600, Boston, MA 02116


The purpose of the event is to   educate the community about HIV/AIDS, HIV vaccine research, vaccine trials, testing options and other health-related issues. Along with the Latino gay Men's Project-LGM, various local agencies will be present to display and distribute their informational materials. The goal is to bring the community together for a day of reflection, awareness and information.  Dinner and refreshments will be provided.


Invited collaboration agencies:

Jim Maynard, Fenway Institute, Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers-MAPS, Project COPE, INC., Aids Action Committee-AAC, The MALE Center, Project HOPE, Boston University, Multicultural AIDS Coalition-MAC


Contact : Saul Martinez +1 (617) 778-1190 or ; Dora Gutierrez +1 (617) 778-1107 or

Organizer : The Latin American Health Institute



New York


Vaccine-o-licious:  Performers Uniting for an HIV Vaccine

19 May 2010

20:00 - 22:00 

Therapy Bar, 348 West 52nd Street, New York, NY USA

This year's fifth annual event to promote HIV Vaccine Awareness Day will host dancing, singing and food.

Contact: John Bonelli, +1 212-388-0008

Organizers : Project ACHIEVE, Columbia University Medical Center, AVAC, Gay Men of African Descent, HVTN

Co-sponsors:  Club H Fitness, Therapy Bar, Dancers Over 40, NEXT Magazine and Odyssey Magazine


HIV/AIDS: Vaccines and Alternate Strategies for Treatment and Prevention

19 May 2010

9:00 - 17:30

The New York Academy of Sciences,   7 World Trade Center,  250 Greenwich Street, 40th floor
New York, NY USA


This meeting will convene leaders in HIV vaccine R&D to discuss and propose solutions to the range of challenges they face in the development of HIV vaccine candidates to prevent or control infection. The symposium will also cover non-scientific challenges and mechanisms to reduce HIV transmission now and in conjunction with future vaccine candidates.


Contact : Jennifer Brunet, +1 212-461-3691

To Register for the event : visit

Organizers : Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, New York Academy of Sciences, Rockefeller University


HIV Vaccine Awareness at Barbershops & Salons

14 May 2010-22 May 2010

Multiple locations in Rochester, NY within neighborhoods known to have highest HIV prevalence


University of Rochester Medical Center with The Minority AIDS Initiative and AIDS Care, Inc., and local barbershops and beauty salons owned and operated by African Americans will make HIV vaccine information available to patrons and clients.


Contact : Jackie Dozier, Project Coordinator for the Minority AIDS Initiative, @AIDS Care, Inc. Rochester, NY; +1 585-210-4126

Organizers : University of Rochester Medical Center, The Minority AIDS Initiative, AIDS Care, Inc. and HVTN


HIV Vaccine Awareness Day - Hope Taking Action in Rochester

18 May 2010

12:00 - 13:30

Monroe Community College-Damon City Campus/Community Room, 228 E. Main St., Rochester, NY  14604 (Floor 4)


This is a collaborative event between Action for a Better Community, the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley, Rochester Victory Alliance and the MOCHA Center.  Former vaccine research participants will discuss their experiences volunteering in a study; Dr. Keefer (University of Rochester), the events keynote speaker, will present on the current research being conducted and its intended outcomes and what that means for local Rochester citizens.  Following his presentation, there will be an open discussion and questions & answers session about HIV vaccine research.


Contact : Michael Booth, Project Coordinator, Mocha Center of Rochester: +1 585 420 1400 or Judith Bauman at +1 585-420-1400 extension 24

Organizers : Mocha Center-Rochester, the Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley, Monroe Community College-Damon City Campus, the Rochester Victory Alliance at the University of Rochester Medical Center and HVTN


Rochester's Global Alliance: an AIDS vaccine in our lifetime - a presentation by Michael C. Keefer MD

18 May 2010

17:30 - 19:00

The United Nations Association of Rochester, 494 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607


Dr. Keefer is Principal Investigator for HIV vaccine research studies conducted at the University of Rochester Medical Center.  The session is preceded by a reception with the Dean of SUNY Empire College and is one component of The Historical Voices Lecture Series 2009-2010.


Contact : Timothy J. Cosgriff, Assistant to the Dean, SUNY Empire State College-Genesee Valley Center: +1 585-224-3271

Organizers : SUNY Empire College and The Alumni Student Association of the Genesee Valley Center with the United Nations Association of Rochester and the Rochester Victory Alliance at the University of Rochester Medical Center


The Thai Preventive HIV Vaccine Trial - Something to Build On

21 May 2010

7:30 - 16:00

RIT Inn & Conference Center, 5257 W. Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY  14467


"The Thai Preventive HIV Vaccine Trial - Something to Build On" - A workshop geared to medical professionals, including primary care physicians, nurses and counselors serving nine counties of the Finger Lakes Region in Western New York State.  The workshop is one component of the 20th Annual HIV/AIDS Clinical Conference.  


Contact : Monica Barbosu, Conference Coordinator, Infectious Diseases Division, University of Rochester Medical Center: +1 585-276-5086

Organizers : University of Rochester Medical Center AIDS Center and the Rochester Academy of Medicine, the NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute and the New York/New Jersey AIDS Education and Training Center


Rochester Vaccine Unit Staff Appreciation

Rochester Victory Alliance, University of Rochester Medical Center, 601 Elmwood Ave. - Box 689, Rochester NY 14642


A personalized letter from the Rochester vaccine unit staff was sent on 24 April 2010 to all study participants thanking them for their participation and encouraging them to invite others to consider taking part in this important work.


Contact : Patrick Fisher; : +1 585.275.0459

Organizer : University of Rochester Medical Center





Celebration of Hope

18 May 2010


260 Broad St., Philadelphia, 10th floor


This event will feature dance performances, singing, and a poetry slam with an HIV prevention and HIV vaccine research message by Kialeel Monte and "Off the Street Entertainment".  It will also put forth faith-based messages, HIV vaccine research discussion, HIV Testing and HVTN 505 pre-screening.


Contact : Quincy : +1 215 279 8013

Organizers : SafeGuards LGBT Health Resource Center, University of Pennsylvania HIV Vaccine Trials Unit, Community Advisory Board (HVTU CAB)


HIV Vaccine Spoken Word & Poetry Slam at Tazia's

19 May 2010

18:00 - 20:00

Tazia's, 101 North 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107


Contacts : Tony Daniel, +1 215-563-0652 x.204, or Quincy Greene, +1 215.279.8013





Knocking HIV Out of the Park!

14 May 2010


Greer Stadium, Nashville, TN


"Knocking HIV out of the park!" is a charity-night at Nashville's local minor-league baseball team (Nashville Sounds) game.  The event will feature public service announcements about HVAD, free HIV testing, information about vaccine research, and more.  The 1,000 current and former clinical trial volunteers are being encouraged to come out and support the cause, and wear their new "1 of a 1,000" t-shirts.


Contact : Casey Hamm Braddy at or +1 615-322-0873 or Lyndsey Godwin at +1 615-345-0952 x 223

Organizers : Vanderbilt HIV Vaccine Trials, Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee and HVTN



Washington, DC


New Promise in the Search for HIV, TB and Malaria Vaccines

17 May 2010

17:00 - 19:00

Room B339 Rayburn Building, Independence Avenue and South Capitol Street, Washington, DC 20515


Congressman Jared Polis (D-Colorado) will provide the opening remarks at a Special Congressional Briefing on the 30th Anniversary of the Eradication of Smallpox.  Dr. Alan Bernstein of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, Dr. R. Gordon Douglas, Jr., Executive Chair of the Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation and Col. Chris Ockenhouse of the U.S. Military Malaria Vaccine Program, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research will co-chair the briefing.


Sponsors : Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation, the Global Health Council, the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, the HIV Vaccine Trials Network, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, the Jenner Society, the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative, the U.S. Military HIV Research Program, the U.S. Military Malaria Vaccine Research Program, the Vaccine Research Group, Mayo Clinic, and the It's Time Campaign.


For more information, please visit .


Contact : Peter Hale:


HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Luncheon

18 May 2010

12:30 - 13:30

The DC Center for the LGBT Community, 1810 14th Street NW


Contacts : Kristen Farole at or David Mariner at or +1 202 682-2245

Organizers :  The DC Center for the LGBT Community, Us Helping Us, Inc., and the Vaccine Research Center


HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Outreach Night

20 May 2010


The DC Center for the LGBT Community, 1810 14th Street NW


Interested individuals should meet at the DC Center at 7:00 PM for pizza and a brief presentation on HIV vaccine research. This will be followed by outreach at LGBT bars and clubs.


Contacts: Matthew Rose at or David Mariner at or +1 202 682-2245


Voices 2010 Conference  

15 - 17 May 2010

Hyatt Hotel Crystal City (Suburban Washington, DC)


Conference participants will receive vaccine materials in their attendee bags.


Organizer : AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth & Families


Presentation to the Ryan White Part D Community

16 May 2010

Hyatt Hotel Crystal City (Suburban Washington, DC)


Lunch plenary at AIDS Alliance's annual Voices Conference.


Contact : Carole Treston +1 202-785-3579




HIV Vaccine Presentation

17 May 2010

Entre Hermanos at 1505 Broadway

Contact : Luis Fernando at +1 (206) 322-7700

Organizer : Gay City & Entre Hermanos


Gay City Vaccine Video Premiere
18 May 2010

Gay City at 511 East Pike Street

Contact : Luis Viquez at +1 (206) 388-1706

Organizer : Gay City


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