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Positively Positive
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HIV / AIDS Involvements
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Bradford McIntyre
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Introduction: Positively Positive - Living with HIV

On November 28th 1985, I was told by my doctor to inform my family, arrange my finances and funeral, I had six months to live! After four years of living in fear, my life took a dramatic turn and I embarked on a spiritual journey from fear to Love! Healing does not necessarily mean cure of disease, but healing our mind and transforming our body to realize its full potential, joy and purpose. Learning about the influence that our thoughts have on our life and health; from breakdown to breakthrough! Living today as healthy and as fully as you can, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The Abundance of Life does not come from what one can provide for oneself, but it is provided in our connectedness. I Show UP For Life!

We don't usually look at AIDS - or any life threatening illness - as an opportunity. But, without diminishing the seriousness of the disease or sentimentalizing its impact, it can be, "a wake up call."

Our judgments and those we place on others...

Out About HIV

Brad McIntyre held a party for his friends last November and presented each with an award, a gift of crystal. One friend was honored with Most Instrumental. Another was named Best Support.

Photo: Bradford McIntyre - Out About HIV - Bradford announced publicly in 1994 that he was living with HIV. Photo Credit: Rod MacIvor, Ottawa Citizen

McIntyre, 42, has lived with HIV for almost a decade, and to him it´s not a death sentence any more.

The first four years were a living hell, he remembers, mainly because he was afraid of death. But then, after a friend told him he had suffered long enough and hard enough, he slapped some bright paint on his beige apartment walls. He chose to get on with his life....

HIV / AIDS Involvements

Part 1 - 1994-2015

-2015- October 20- Study Participant (1 Year) - Positive Living, Positive Homes: Navigating HIV and Housing Policies and Programs in British Columbia - Conducted by Dr. Catherine Worthington of the University of Victoria and Jennifer Evin Jones of the Pacific AIDS Network. This research is being funded by the Canadian Institute for Health Research.
Purpose and Objectives: The purpose of this study is to better understand the experiences of people living with HIV related to housing, health and wellbeing, as well as related programs, services and policies.
Importance of this Research: Gathering this information will help fill gaps in understanding about the housing and health experiences of people living with HIV as well as related successes, challenges and best practices of related services and policies.
Participation in this research is completely voluntarily.
Vancouver, Canada

-2015- October 4- Volunteer - 8th Annual Celebrity Dim Sum - Bradford McIntyre, HIV+ 31 years, and former AIDS Vancouver Vice Chair (2010-2013), volunteered at AIDS Vancouver's 8TH Annual Celebrity Dim Sum, manning the Silent Auction table. Presenting Sponsor Joytv. Every year this event proves to be a delectable Dim Sum brunch to remember, with all proceeds going towards AIDS Vancouver's Community Outreach Program: providing outreach HIV information, education and support to people who are a high risk of contracting HIV.
The 8th Annual Celebrity Dim Sum was held at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver,791 W Georgia St, Vancouver, B.C.
Vancouver, Canada

-2015- September 22- Photo Project Participant - A Day With HIV - Presented by Positively Aware.
A DAY WITH HIV - Photo: Bradford McIntyre - 4:40 PM, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada - Bradford McIntyre: At home, living longer with HIV. I am now 63, and have been HIV-positive since 1984. Thirty years ago, on November 28th 1985, I was told by my doctor to inform my family, arrange my finances and funeral, because I had six months to live! It has been a long six months! I am Bradford McIntyre, founder of
A Day With HIV is an awareness and anti-stigma photo campaign. On September 22, 2015, people across the world, whether HIV-positive or negative, will visually capture and share a moment of their day – A Day with HIV – to focus attention on what it means to live in a world with HIV. Each year over the past five years, A Day with HIV has established a single day in which people from all walks of life grab their smartphones or digital cameras and capture a moment of their day that tells their story.
Photographs from A Day with HIV Now Online
Imagine A Day with HIV
Vancouver, Canada

-2015- September 10- Community Spotlight - Community Spotlight: Bradford McIntyre - Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre - VIDC Connect - This month’s community spotlight sheds light on an issue that’s worth celebrating yet heartbreaking. Bradford McIntyre — more commonly known as Brad to us at VIDC — is a friend of VIDC who has successfully outlived the 6-months-to-live diagnosis he was given in 1984.
Brad was recently featured in an article by the Vancouver Courier entitled “Living longer with HIV.” He was the prime example of how the field of HIV is rapidly changing. Not too long ago, being diagnosed with HIV was considered a death sentence; now, because of the new treatments available, people like Brad are living well into their sixties.
Community Spotlight: Bradford McIntyre
Vancouver, Canada

August 28- Volunteer Story - - HIVanonymous #4 - The Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life has launched the HIV Anonymous campaign in anticipation of September’s Walk. HIVANONYMOUS allows individuals to tell their story and allows others to hear the experiences of those living with HIV in their own words. On behalf of Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life, thank you for participating in our 2015 Walk campaign. By sharing your story, you are supporting the Walk and making an impact on the services we support for those at-risk and living with HIV/AIDS in Canada. - The Canadian AIDS Society, Positive Living Society of BC, and the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), announced July 14, 2015, the launch of the first ever HIV Anonymous campaign in anticipation of the annual 2015 Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life, a national fundraising and awareness movement that takes place in more than 30 communities across Canada each year. This year, the event will take place from Saturday, September 12th to Sunday, September 20th.
HIVANONYMOUS: Hear the stories
Vancouver, Canada

August 19- Interview - Vancouver Courier - Living longer with HIV - Vancouver Courier's Emily Blake talks with long term HIV/AIDS survivor Bradford McIntyre, about aging with HIV, in light of new research about the increased life expectancy of Canadians living with HIV. Vancouver Courier Photographer, Dan Toulgoet, photographs Bradford McIntyre, for inclusion in the Vancouver Courier interview.
Bradford McIntyre never expected to live to be 63. A year after he was diagnosed with HIV in 1984, he was told he had only six months to live.
But he beat the odds and is one of many Canadians now aging with HIV. New research from the Canadian Observational Cohort Collaboration found the average life expectancy for HIV-positive people receiving antiretroviral therapy is now 65.
Living longer with HIV
Life expectancy of HIV-positive Canadians rises to 65 years: study
Vancouver, Canada

Photo: Bradford McIntyre
- Photo Credit: Dan Toulgoet, Vancouver Courier

-2015-August 5- Panelist - The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic HSCI 431 - Face of HIV: POSI+IVE ART, visual arts presentations - Simon Fraser University (SFU) - Bradford McIntyre, HIV positive since 1984, was invited to participate as part of a panel to view the Face of HIV: POSI+IVE ART visual arts presentations, and ask questions of the group members. (HSCI 431) "Face of HIV: POSI+IVE ART" is a 4th year undergraduate course assignment on the Global HIV/AIDS epidemic at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby campus. In groups of 5-7, students have chosen a "Face of HIV" person/organization/community/issue of interest and created a POSI+IVE ART presentation that describes the importance of this person, organization, community, and/or issue in the context of HIV and course material. Part of the assignment involves the students describing their art via a short oral presentation, delivered to a distinguished panel of local and global stakeholderrs. Through this assignment, students examine the connections between HIV/AIDS science, advocacy, and policy.
Instructor: Dr. Angela Kaida, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, SFU.
Cathy Puskas - SFU, BCCfE
Allison Carter - SFU, BCCfE, CHIWOS study,
Patience Nyoni - Afro-Canadian Positive Network of BC,
Chuck Osborne - CIHR CTN, BCCfE,
Bradford McIntyre - Positively Positive,
Claudette Cardinal - BC Positive Living Society,CHIWOS study,
Daniella Barreto - YouthCo,
Brian Chittock - AIDS Vancouver.
Malcolm Steinberg - SFU, BCCDC
Zach Tanner - SFU, BCCfE
Sophie Patterson - SFU, BCCfE
The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic HSCI 431 - Face of HIV: POSI+IVE ART, was held at the 1st Floor Atrium, Blusson Hall, 8888 University Drive, SFU Burnaby campus.
HSCI 431-3: Special Topics – Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic Summer 2015
Vancouver, Canada

Photo: Panelists & Instructor for HSCI 431 'Face of HIV: POSI+IVE ART' visual arts presentation.
Back row left to right: Cathy Puskas - SFU, BCCfE Allison Carter - SFU, BCCfE, CHIWOS study, Course Instructor: Angela Kaida - SFU, Patience Nyoni - Afro-Canadian Positive Network of BC, Chuck Osborne - CIHR CTN, BCCfE, Bradford McIntyre - Positively Positive, Claudette Cardinal - BC Positive Living Society, CHIWOS study, Daniella Barreto - YouthCo, Brian Chittock - AIDS Vancouver.
Front row: Left to right: Malcolm Steinberg - SFU, BCCDC Zach Tanner - SFU, BCCfE, Sophie Patterson - SFU, BCCfE.

-2015-June 16- Interview - The Georgia Straight - Long-time Vancouver medical-marijuana user defends edibles - In a phone interview, Travis Lupick, writer with the Straight, talks with Bradford McIntyre about the City of Vancouver's proposed ban on the sale of Medicinal-Marijuana edibles.
“Edible medicinal-marijuana products have been available in British Columbia for decades,” McIntyre told the Straight . “The city is out of touch.”
McIntyre has lived with HIV/AIDS for 31 years. He said he takes medicinal marijuana to ease pain he experiences as a result of nerve damage caused by a treatment called AZT that he received in the 1990s.
Vancouver, Canada

-2015-June 10- Volunteer Recognition - VOLLIES ALL-STARS: Sports Edition - Positive Living BC presents an evening of Volunteer Recognition and Awards. Each year, to honour the incredible calibre and amazing amount of work done by our volunteers. Bradford McIntyre, Positive Living BC Member since 1995, and a Volunteer, attended Positive Living BC's evening of volunteer recognition. A gala dinner, fantastic venue, entertainment. VOLLIES ALL-STARS: Sports Edition, held at the Vancouver Rowing Club, 450 Stanley Park Drive.
Vollies (Volunteer Recognition) Sports Edition - June 10 2015.pdf
Vancouver, Canada

-2015-June 9- Study Participant (Ongoing)- Protocal - TMC1141FD3013 - A Phase 3, randomized, active-controlled, open-label study to evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of switching to a darunavir/cobicistant/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (D/C/F/TAF) once-daily single-tablet regimen versus continuing the current regimen consisting of boosted protease inhibitor (bPI) combined with emticitabine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (FTC/TDF) in virologically-suppressed, human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infected subjects.
Study Doctor: Brian Conway, MD
Sponsor: Jansen Research & Development Ireland
Vancouver, Canada

-2015-May 28- Presenter - 3rd Annual PRIDE Legacy Awards - Pink Award: Sexuailty (Sexual Health + HIV/AIDS Awareness) - Presented by Bradford McIntyre, HIV and AIDS Advocate and Founder of Positively Positive Living with HIV/AIDS (
Bradford McIntyre, the 2013 Recipient for the PRIDE Legacy PINK Award, presented the Vancouver PRIDE Society's 3rd Annual PRIDE Legacy Award Finalists of the PINK Award: Sexuality (Sexual Health + HIV/AIDS Awareness), Andrea Szewchuk, Hasan Abdessamad and Jody Jollimore, and presented the PRIDE Legacy Award to PINK Award Recipient, Jody Jollimore.
"Thank you for volunteering to be a Presenter for this years 2015 Pride Legacy Awards." Vancouver PRIDE Society.
PRIDE Legacy Awards hosted by Fred Lee, with a performance by the Vancouver Circus School and an exhibition of local LGBTQ2+ artists, including AJ Kutchaw, Pedro Lacerda Muniz, Laura Smith, Jennifer Riley and Ray McEachern.
3rd Annual PRIDE Legacy Awards, held at the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews.
3rd Annual PRIDE Legacy Awards: Bradford McIntyre Presenter
VIDEO: Bradford McIntyre: Presenter - 3rd Annual PRIDE Legacy Awards: PINK Award: Sexuality
Vancouver, Canada

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