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International AIDS Society and Partners Recognize Outstanding Researchers from Around the World at AIDS 2012

Women, Girls and HIV Investigator Prize; IAS/ANRS Young Investigator Award; IAS/Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS Prize for Excellence in Research Related to the Needs of Children Affected by AIDS; and IAS TB/HIV Prize to be Presented to Pioneering Researchers from Australia, Belgium, Botswana, Canada, India, Uganda, and the U.S.

11 July 2012 (Washington, D.C.) - The International AIDS Society (IAS) today announced nine winners of four prestigious scientific awards to be presented during the XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) to be held in Washington, D.C. , 22-27 July. Presented by the IAS and its partners, these awards recognize scientists conducting high quality HIV research around the world. Three of the awards seek to recognize and encourage research related to children affected by HIV, TB/HIV-co-infections and collaborative services, and the needs of women and girls affected by HIV. The fourth recognizes young researchers across all disciplines of HIV-related research

"The IAS is committed to mentoring and supporting the next generation of HIV researchers and to encouraging research in critical areas that have historically not received enough attention," said IAS President Dr. Elly Katabira. "Through these awards, the IAS and its partners seek to draw the world's attention to these individuals and to their significant scientific accomplishments and to encourage high quality research in the HIV field."

Click here for complete information on award recipients and winning abstracts.
Award winners will be available for interview after their award presentations and at other mutually convenient times.

About the Awards
Women, Girls and HIV Investigator Prize
Presentation: Thursday, 26 July, Session Room 1, 12:55 (before Special Session:
Leadership in the AIDS Response for Women)
Presented by Françoise Barré-Sinoussi (IAS) and Mariangela Simao (Director, Rights, Gender and Community Mobilization Department, UNAIDS)

The Women, Girls and HIV Investigator Prize is offered jointly by the IAS-Industry Liaison Forum and UNAIDS, and supported by the International Centre for Research on Women and the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS. The US$2,000 prize is awarded to an investigator from a low-income or middle-income country whose abstract demonstrates excellence in research and/or practice that addresses women, girls and gender issues related to HIV and AIDS. This prize serves to highlight the challenges faced by women and girls in this epidemic and to encourage investigators from low- and middle-income countries to pursue research in this area.

  • Winner: Peter Mudiope, Uganda Abstract: Partnership of HIV infected mothers (peers), community lay women/men (Sengas/Kojas) and village health teams (VHTs) with prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMTCT) programs, increased male partner support for HIV infected women in one rural health centre and three urban hospitals in Uganda, July 2009 -July 2011.
  • IAS/ANRS Young Investigator Award
    Friday, 27 July, Session Room 1, 08:29 (before Plenary)

    Presented by Elly Katabira (IAS) and ANRS Director Jean-Francois Delfraissy

    The US$2,000 IAS/ANRS Young Investigator Award is jointly funded by the IAS and the French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS) to support young researchers who demonstrate innovation, originality, rationale and quality in the field of HIV and AIDS research. To be eligible, the presenting author of an abstract accepted for presentation must be under 35 years of age. One prize is awarded in each of the five conference tracks, along with a Special HIV Cure Prize this year.

    Track A: Basic Science

  • Winner: Rik Schrijvers, Belgium Abstract: Dissecting HIV-1 integration site selection using a human LEDGF/p75 knockout
  • Track B: Clinical Science

  • Winner: Vikrant Sahasrabuddhe, United States Abstract: HPV genotype attribution of anal neoplasia in HIV-positive MSM: estimating the preventable fraction and disease misclassification
  • Track C: Epidemiology and Prevention Sciences

  • Winner: Renee Heffron, United States Abstract: Association of injectable contraception and risk of HIV-1 acquisition in women in HIV-1 serodiscordant partnerships: persistence of effect in multiple sensitivity analyses
  • Track D: Social Science, Human Rights and Political Science

  • Winner: Kathleen Deering, Canada Abstract: Mapping spatial barriers and facilitators to HIV testing by work environments among sex workers in Vancouver, Canada
  • Track E: Implementation Science, Health Systems and Economics

  • Winner: Caitlin A Matson, United States Abstract: Integration of infant HIV testing at nine month immunisation visit in South Africa: a proposed model of service delivery
  • Special HIV Cure Prize

  • Winner: Nitasha Kumar, Australia Abstract: Myeloid dendritic cells and HIV latency in resting T cells
  • IAS/CCABA Prize for Excellence in Research Related to the Needs of Children Affected by AIDS

    Friday, 27 July, Session Room 1, 08:34 (before Plenary)

    Presented by Elly Katabira (IAS) and Peter Laugharn (Chair, Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS)

    The US$2,000 prize is jointly offered by the IAS and the Coalition on Children Affected by AIDS. One prize is awarded to an investigator whose abstract demonstrates excellence in research that is likely to lead to improved services for children affected by HIV and AIDS.

    Winner: Gabriel Anabwani, Botswana

  • Abstract: The psychosocial impact of HIV on the siblings of infected children IAS TB/HIV Prize
    Friday, 27 July, Session Room 1, 08:37 (before Plenary)
    Presented by Elly Katabira (IAS)
  • The aim of the US$2,000 IAS prize on TB/HIV research is to generate interest and stimulate research on basic, clinical and operations research in TB/HIV prevention, care and treatment. The IAS TB/HIV Research Prize is an incentive for researchers to investigate pertinent research questions that affect TB/HIV co-infection and operational effectiveness of core TB/HIV collaborative services.

    Winner: Jonathan Golub, United States

  • Abstract: The TB/HIV in Rio de Janeiro (THRio) study: a step-wedged cluster randomized trial measuring the impact of tuberculosis (TB) screening and isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) on incidence
  • Ends

    About the IAS:
    The International AIDS Society (IAS) is the world's leading independent association of HIV professionals, with over 16,000 members from more than 196 countries working at all levels of the global response to AIDS. Our members include researchers from all disciplines, clinicians, public health and community practitioners on the frontlines of the epidemic, as well as policy and programme planners. The IAS is the custodian of the biennial International AIDS Conference, which will be held in Washington, D.C., in July 2012, and lead organizer of the IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention.

    For more information:

    Siân Bowen (Geneva, Switzerland)
    Senior Manager, Communications
    Tel: +41 22 710 0864
    US Mob (July 16-28): +1 202 997 6935

    Francesca Da Ros (Geneva, Switzerland)
    Communications and Media Officer
    Tel: +41 22 710 0822
    Mob: +41 796 109679
    US Mob (July 16-28): +1 202 997 6917

    Source: International AIDS Society

    "Reproduced with permission - International AIDS Society"

    International AIDS Society

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