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Launch of viroXchange, an international digital media dedicated to virology

MONTREAL, April 19, 2012 - In connection with the 21st Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS held in Montréal and in the presence of Réjean Thomas, MD, Editor-in-Chief of viroXchange and President and CEO of Clinique médicale l'Actuel and Clinique A, and of Mark Wainberg, PhD, Scientific Committee Member of viroXchange, Director of the McGill Aids Centre, and Professor of Medicine at McGill University, Guy-Charles Pelletier, President and CEO of Neuhauz, announced in Montréal today the launch of viroXchange ( a French/English digital scientific media dedicated to virology. More than 20 high-level jobs in the area of digital media technologies, 10 of them permanent, are being created. The company's head office is located in Montréal.

viroXchange helps health professionals keep up with recent progress in research in order to optimize patient case management while offering members of the viroXchange community the opportunity to collaborate, participate in discussions, and share comments in a spirit of education and innovation.

Pleased with this announcement, Dr. Mark Wainberg noted the important contribution of the Scientific Committee in the conceptualization of viroXchange. " viroXchange broadens access to information by researchers in general, while allowing them to share their knowledge on a global scale. It's important for the scientific community to be aware of the latest trials and of their impact on research priorities and scenarios. In this context, viroXchange allows us to better collaborate".

Dr. Réjean Thomas adds: "The new viroXchange digital platform allows clinicians to access the latest data and, more importantly, to take notice of the opinions of numerous experts, here and around the world, and of the impact of such data on their clinical practices. Thus, we can optimize patient case management and discuss innovative strategies in patient treatment and disease prevention".

Neuhauz' President and CEO, Guy-Charles Pelletier, rejoices at the possibility of developing and producing the viroXchange digital media in Montréal. " We have the opportunity of working with talented creative local people. The creation of digital, interactive, multiplatform content offers our young people an opportunity to develop and experiment with new media technologies and applications". viroXchange was entirely designed, developed, and executed by Neuhauz in Québec. As such, it generates and maintains quality jobs and serves to strengthen Montréal's position within the leading technologies and digital content sectors.

viroXchange is an independent, professional online broadcaster focused on developing and reporting information pertaining to clinically relevant advances and developments in the science and practice of virology. Our aim is to help healthcare professionals stay current in their practice by offering timely late breaking advancements thus enabling viroXchange community of members to engage and share their commentary in the spirit of education and innovation.

Neuhauz is a group of senior multidisciplinary experts from traditional and internet medias, telecom, marketing, advertising agencies and business sectors. It is also an incubator developing new entrepreneurial projects and innovative business models. New online and mobile medias created, emerge from neuhauz's expertise and international networks.


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Mr. Guy-Charles Pelletier will make a live online presentation of viroXchange

Huguette Marcotte Communications
Huguette Marcotte, tel. : 514 951-0288
Pierre Chaurest, tel. : 514 290-3148: 450 434-2352

Marie Karina Dimitri, (514) 395 1106, 124
Publishing Director, viroXchange

Rejean Thomas, MD
Editor-in-chief, viroXchange
President and CEO, Clinique médicale l'Actuel and Clinique A

"Reproduced with permission - viroXchange"


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