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New Video: Staying HIV Neg Gets Tough, Health Departments Dancing Around, Miami Gay Matchmaker Speaks Out about the Dangers: 45% of "Certain" Gays Are HIV Poz

"Staying HIV negative is difficult for gay men in South Florida, specifically Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Efforts by the health departments have failed to curb the level of new HIV infections. Easy access to bath houses and wide acceptance of extreme sexual behaviors such as fisting and bondage results in no-limits sexuality that is high risk," says Angelo, gay matchmaker and relationship coach in Miami.

May 22, 2012 - Miami

New research by Paul Angelo MHA, MBA, gay matchmaker from Miami reveals staggering new statistics for Fort Lauderdale and Miami gay men.

49% of gay men who engage in "pig play",
45% of gay men who engage in "fisting",
40% of gay men who engage in "bondage",
40% of gay men who engage in "S&M",
37% of gay men who engage in "leather",
30% of gay men who engage in "toys"

are HIV poz according to Angelo's findings. Angelo's video explaining the findings can be seen here:

Angelo's video about the correlation between wild sexual acts and HIV shows just how destructive sexual exploration can get. Those gay men who seek wild sexual adventures must learn about the dangers to avoid becoming HIV positive.

"HIV negative gay men with poor self esteem are at a very high risk. Poor self esteem makes a 45 year old professional gay man an easy target to a "better looking" man who is HIV poz who neglects to inform him about his status at a local bath house or after hooking up on Craigslist.

A gay man with poor self esteem feels he would be rejected if he asked specific questions about sexual history and healthy behaviors, so he never questions anything. Adding sexual frustration, loneliness, and need for intimacy, it is easy to understand why unprotected sex and high-risk sexual behaviors are common place," says Angelo.

"Preaching about safe sex is pointless in a world where 9 out of 10 gay men have poor self esteem. To reduce HIV infections, we need to help gay men improve their self esteem so that they can make sexual choices that are safer. But given that many gay men have poor self esteem and do not 'value' their life, it makes sense that they put their health at risk and end up HIV poz," says Angelo.

"Despite Miami being number 1 in the U.S., according to CDC HIV reports , bath houses where extreme sex (fisting, bondage) is practiced are still common place."

"Local governments should step in too and make it more difficult to engage in unprotected sex at public bars/clubs. All bath houses should be shut down. It is a joke that they still exist in Miami or Fort Lauderdale - cities where new HIV infections are at record highs," says Angelo.

"If you are a gay men who wants to stay HIV negative - you are 'on your own.' The government will put money into HIV drugs, yet keep bath houses open. Local governments will spend money on fighting HIV stigma while turning a blind eye on extreme sexual behaviors that are out of control," says Angelo.

About Gay Matchmaker and Gay Relationship Coach Paul Angelo MHA, MBA:
Paul Angelo, originally from Poland, lived in Chicago for 10 years, moved to Miami, quit his job as a health IT manager to become the world's first gay matchmaker for gay men over 40.
Paul Angelo combines the knowledge of psychology, self-management, strategy, persuasion and communication to help gay men over 40 leverage relationships to live the ultimate lifestyle and live a life that is unlimited in potential.
Since starting in 2009, Angelo has taken on multiple clients that had previously seen no hope for a relationship and within 6 months found a partner and moved in together.

If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Paul Angelo please call Paul Angelo at 954-736-9763 or e-mail Paul at PaulAngelo33(at)gmail(dot)com. You can also visit Paul's website at .


Paul Angelo MHA, MBA
Gay Matchmaking And Gay Life Coaching For Gay Men Over 40
(954) 736-9763
Email: PaulAngelo33(at)gmail(dot)com

"Reproduced with permission - Paul Angelo"

Paul Angelo

...positive attitudes are not simply 'moods'

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