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Bradford's photo in Michelle Valberg's book: LOOK BEYOND-The Faces and Stories of People with HIV/AIDS Photo Credit: Michelle Valberg
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 In LOVING Memory
Gerald (Jerry) Oliver Fogg

and all those we love who have died of AIDS.
May 1, 2005
Bradford McIntyre

Positively Positive - Living with HIV

 On November 28th 1985, I was told by my doctor to inform my family, arrange my finances and funeral, I had six months to live! After four years of living in fear, my life took a dramatic turn and I embarked on a spiritual journey from fear to love! Healing does not necessarily mean cure of disease, but healing our mind and transforming our body to realize its full potential, joy and purpose. Learning about the influence that our thoughts have on our life and health, from breakdown to breakthrough. Living today as healthy and as fully as you can, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The Abundance of Life does not come from what one can provide for oneself, but it is provided in our connectedness.

 We don't usually look at AIDS (or any life threatening illness) as an opportunity. But, without diminishing the seriousness of the disease or sentimentalizing its impact, it can be "a wake up call".

 Our judgments and those we place on
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Bradford McIntyre - OUT ABOUT HIV
Photo Credit:John Kozachenko

World AIDS Campaign
Women, Girls and AIDS

Trec Brazil for AIDS
Trec Brazil To Fight AIDS
The Global Health Council seeks participants of all ages for a singular journey.
8 Days - Deserts, Rainforests, Waterfalls
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  Individuals living with HIV and AIDS may not only have to deal with the threat of illness but also the toll of illness. All that is required to stay healthy and alive can leave an everlasting mark! I'm referring to the loss of subcutaneous fat from the face, commonly referred to as facial wasting or Lipoatrophy. While individuals are often able to re-gain weight and build up muscles on their arms, shoulders, and other areas, they fail to be able to replace the loss of fat to their face. Although fat loss in the face has been reported in individuals who are not taking HIV/AIDS medications, large numbers (up to 80%) of people on antiretroviral combination therapies (Protease inhibitors and nucleosides) are developing Lipoatrophy. Read more...

Bradford-Bio-Alcamid procedure: Before & After Photo Credit: Drs. Alastair & Jean Carruthers

How do I know I have HIV?

A Plan of Action
for Canada
to reduce HIV/AIDS related
stigma and discrimination
By Theodore de Bruyn

For The
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Condoms - A Standard Practice for All

  We know many of our youth are having sex and will have sex in the future. To teach abstinence without including education on the need for a condom and how to use a condom will lead to more HIV and STD infections. Education is the key!

  Around the world the use of condoms is seen as a trusted weapon in the prevention of HIV infection, however, these efforts are often hampered by religious beliefs. Read more...

Global TV-Canada
First Aired - November 22, 2004
Body + Health - network
SURVIVORS- Bradford McIntyre HIV+, profiled on Body and Health
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Body + Health is a high profile, daily health program on the Global Television Network.

Survivor Video
Bradford McIntyre - HIV/AIDS Survivor

Nutrition and HIV: Loosing rights to choose Dietary Supplements!

Are you aware youíre loosing your rights to choose? Have you noticed your choices of natural health products for optimizing your health are disappearing?

Why? Because of legislation passed by European Union (EU) Directive on Dietary Supplements and the fact that other countries are bound to the rules and laws of the World Trade Organization. Read more >>



Our Voices ARE Necessary

  How can there be any real understanding about HIV/AIDS and HIV prevention, without the necessary information reported?

  HIV/AIDS reported in the news is minimal, at a time when it needs to be at the forefront! Why is this? Money is being spent trying to determine ways to provide HIV prevention but in order to reach everyone; HIV needs to be in the news!

HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination

  Individuals should not have to suffer all losses due to illness! Men, women and children are suffering with HIV/AIDS. We need to assure that these people are cared for, not discriminated against! We must provide funds for proper nutrition, housing and health care for these individuals to aid and contribute to their well-being. We need to get rid of the false perceptions and judgments. Like Doreen Millman said in Vancouver at the 1996 AIDS Conference in reference to how a 63 year old grandmother got AIDS. She said, "It just doesnít matter!" Neither does an individualís race, religion or sexual orientation matter! Donít look for differences; look at how we can help one another. Read more >>

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