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HIV/AIDS Prevention
and the Catholic Church

By Bradford McIntyre

With HIV infections numbering nearly 40 million people and an estimated 25 million deaths, it is unimaginable, that the Pope (Catholic Church) would fail to recognize the importance of condom use in the prevention of HIV and AIDS and continues to obstruct HIV/AIDS preventions methods with a stand which does not promote condom use!

While I appreciate the Catholic Church is trying to follow tradition, the world is under siege by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Villages, towns, cities and countries around the world are seeing HIV infections climbing; while the Catholic Church stands idly by allowing more and more deaths to occur because of outdated ideas that are not suitable for the times. And what is needed!

As leader of the Catholic Church, the Pope has a moral duty and obligation to ensure followers are educated and lives are saved from HIV infections and AIDS deaths!

Around the world, condoms are now seen as a necessary requirement for engaging in sexual activity. Promoting condom use has not and does not promote promiscuity. Condoms prevent HIV infection and save lives.

The Catholic Church is promoting practices of abstinence and fidelity, which are widely known to have a high failure rate and allow more HIV infections!

Messages and promotion of abstinence and fidelity have failed! Individuals who are not educated in the need to practice safe sex using a condom are often infected with HIV because they do not know how to use a condom and do not use a condom when engaging in sex.

Millions and millions of people, organizations, and governments around the world are working diligently to help prevent the spread of HIV infections and AIDS.

It is past time that the Church recognize change is needed and support of condom use which is essential to combat the ever increasing number of HIV infections.

To due otherwise is to turn a blind eye on the needs of all God's children. To do otherwise, more and more people will leave the church because they can not abide by old outdated traditions that people can not, will not, follow today!

A grave disservice has occurred due to the Catholic Church's policies on condom use. It is my hope that you will recognize there is no need at all for the Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care and other scientists and theologians to study condom use as a means of HIV prevention. The evidence has been already been made clear, it is time for you to speak out and affirm condom use as a necessary means for curbing HIV infections.

The time for you to speak is NOW!

As an individual, living with HIV, I am committed to doing everything I can to help prevent the spread of HIV and promoting HIV and AIDS awareness.

Bradford McIntyre, HIV+ since 1984
Vancouver, Canada


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