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A Spiritual Journey
from Fear to Love
by Bradford McIntyre

inspire! magazine
Featured article
December 24, 2004

The heart being the central point of spirit feeling in our physical bodies, this center, the heart, is spirit feeling. That spirit is Love. When we are free, we are living fully in spirit. In this physical body we are experiencing spirit having a human experience. Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance! Outside of this body this is our experience in totality, infinitely, all that is! Being spirit in this physical body we have the opportunity of a lifetime to experience what could not be realized, known, without this human experience of physical feelings available.

Being Love and touching, being Joy and bringing it to all you see and touch, is Love in physical form. Peace beyond any of man, women or child's descriptions of peace. At best, to be at peace means to be a peace keeper of Love on the planet and throughout the Universe. Bringing with it Abundance beyond our widest dreams; each moment in this physical body knowing the Truth of who you are, and will always be!

Who we ARE is Love. In the physical body we have feelings and translate these feelings though the mind and associate these feelings with emotions. An experience we would not have, if not in this human experience. The mind and the heart center, radiate the spirit consciousness. When we feel on an emotional level, this is the heart opening. Mind and spirit! The mechanisms of the mind are recognizing and remembering spirit. The physical body allows for feelings not of spirit but of body. In this body we have consciousness, consciousness of spirit, and that we are Love. We have this on a cellular level. The mind has created recognition of spirit. The heart center and emotions are spirit expressing. Opening up! When we feel, we feel from spirit. From Love! The physical allows the feeling of being filled with Love. Reminding us, who we are. It is important to understand when your heart opens to love, to caring, to recognize you are feeling the Truth of who you are.

Love IS. Spirit IS. Always will be! When in this physical body or not, spirit exists always, in each and every moment, and eternity. This is our joined opportunity to express spirit in human form. It is in this human form we can recognize we All are spirit! We all intuitively, instinctually, spiritually, know this of ourselves. And we can recognize we are All here together. It has been said many times, there is only one of us here!

To recognize we are spirit, is to realize we are ALL here together, connected. The abundance of life does not come from what one can provide for ones self, but it is provided in our connectedness. ( Connectedness: this word is not by me, but of me ). A single individual cannot provide everything, providing for every need, want and desire. For there is a reality that exists unto itself; one where everything we need, want and desire is here! It always was and shall always be.

Our needs, wants and desires are to be LOVED. We are LOVE, alone this would be pointless. Together, experiencing Love and Loving; we nurture our spirit and the spirit in each other. The oneness, united, loving, caring for all. Somewhere along our physical path, we may have forgotten who we are and why we are here. To learn and grow, is to have the opportunity; this Gift, given a physical body to house our spirit, physically being born of LOVE. To learn and grow with physical expression of spirit; is for a time.

My time is endless. Yours and mine will always be for eternity. You see, we All are forever together. A whole, not a part, but one! Loving and caring for one another and all! It is when we see ourselves as separate we lack Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance. Alone there is no purpose. Alone we struggle endlessly yearning for all things. Of Love, life brings the richness to our experience. Our God given gift is one which resides within us and all around us. The Gift of understanding who we are, we are then able to share this gift with one another.

From lack, from lack of Love, we have experienced the aloneness, and on a mental and emotional level created in our mind an expression of thought. Alone we created Fear. Together in Love there is nothing to fear, only Love. There is caring; we are taken care of, loved and never alone. How can anyone feel lack of Love when they know all hold you in their hearts?

The lack of Love we feel on this planet is based and created from separation and fear. This to, has given learning and understanding to this human experience. We can choose! Our Gift is one of choice! To recognize we are spirit having a human experience and be all that we are and can be in this experience!

We can choose Love, or we can choose a mindful thought like fear. Lack of Love will fill a fearful thought. Love will erase the fear.

Our separation is created in mindful thought not of Love. Where there is lack of anything, these thought forms develop. What is not of the spirit is of the mind. It is in our mind we have created fear.

Life is not of separateness, but of togetherness. Life is not about lack, but of Love. If separation or judgment be made at all, there is only one consideration. Has an individual received Love, or Lack of Love?

I want to be part of giving where there is lack. Providing Love, rather than more lack; replacing ones lack and fear, with Love. For us to move ever forward in our experience we will move away from fear and separation.

It is my part, connected to the whole, I give myself to LOVE. United in Love, we all move ever forward in it!

From the time we are born, all we are doing is eating and sleeping, who we Are is Love! Our experiences teach us, through our parents and environment around us! Labeling our feelings! These handed down from those around us and the messaging of our history, up bringing, environment and society. In our DNA there is a coding that plays a part in dictating aspects of our human experience. Mind, creating ego and personality! But, who we are is a spirit, and that spirit is LOVE. The remembering of this is complicated by the many levels of emotions we must work through where we may have suppressed our spirit. Constantly told how to feel, how to behave, what to think, what to do! Taking on worry, fear, guilt and anger! Time spent totally out of sink with the Loving spirit we are. When we recognize from the pain of those feelings not of Love, and the desire to connect with spirit, then can we move from fear to LOVE.

Bradford McIntyre, Positively Positive-HIV+ 20 years.


About Bradford
A long time survivor living with HIV since 1984, Canadian Bradford McIntyre announced publicly in 1994 that he was living with HIV. He has been a dynamic advocate for the health and wellness of people living with HIV and AIDS and is committed to effecting change, not only in his own life, but also for millions of others with the same diagnosis. He has appeared on national television, in numerous newspaper and magazine interviews and speaking engagements promoting the message that everyone can take responsibility for their health, regardless of doctors' diagnoses. Bradford has constantly championed 'the war' against the AIDS virus. Through his commitment to help transform the lives of others, alter public perception and influence the mainstream medical profession's attitude and approach to treatment, change has occurred. Bradford is a dedicated and tireless advocate for enhancing awareness about AIDS.

Positively Positive: Living with HIV- Canadian Bradford McIntyre has been living with HIV since 1984. Positively Positive has been designed to create awareness around the many HIV and AIDS issues and promotes of positive living with HIV.

Messages of positive living with HIV.

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A Spiritual Journey from Fear to Love
by Bradford McIntyre
Published in inspire! magazine
Featured article
December 24, 2004
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