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The Same Sex Bill passed by Nigerian Senate (24) - Afro-Nets

From: "Bradford McIntyre"
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 13:53:04 -0800

Ignorance promotes fear. Fear of what is not understood.

Homosexuality is completely natural, completely normal. The refusal of acceptance by governments, or anyone for that matter, simply shows a lack of understanding. One need only look to nature to see that homosexuality exists in nature and in human behavior homosexuality has existed for as long as human life. Homosexuality exists in both males and females; in every nation, regardless of race, religion, or culture. Homosexuality is normal.

The only difference between heterosexual and homosexual, is sexual preference. Homosexuality is as normal to Africa as anywhere in the world. Lack of education (ignorance) and fear, is the driving force behind both the Nigerian government's same sex bill and those people of Nigeria who do not accept homosexuality.

Life is not of separateness, but of togetherness.

I grew up with a foundation of love; a love that was unconditional. From the time I was born, I have been a homosexual and both my extended family and I are accepting of this. I was not judged negatively, shunned or worse because I was a homosexual. It is because of this acceptance from my family that my life is as normal as my parents, siblings and extended family that are heterosexual. And I wanted the very same things in life... to live and thrive and to fall in love and marry one day. The only difference being a same sex relationship.

I am now a grown man, soon to turn 60 years old. I am a very proud homosexual man, living in Canada, where I am in a same sex relationship which is not only accepted but one where we are legally married and our relationship legally recognized by the country in which I live.

Same sex marriages are legal in:

The Netherlands/Holland, 2001.
Belgium, 2003.
Massachusetts, USA, 2004.
Canada, 2005.
Spain, 2005.
South Africa, 2006.
Connecticut, USA, 2008.
Norway, 2009.
Iowa, USA, 2009.
Sweden, 2009.
Vermont, USA, 2009.
New Hampshire, USA, 2010.
District of Columbia, USA, 2010.
Argentina, 2010.
New York, USA, 2011.

Acceptance of homosexuality is slow moving in places like Nigeria but homosexuality is by no means of the western world, as many in Nigeria claim. While relegating homosexuality to an illegal practice, this will place Nigeria on a list of countries in violation of Human Rights against homosexuals. This Nigerian Senate Same SEX Bill will keep Nigeria in the dark ages of ignorance and prevent Nigeria from moving ever forward and prospering.

It is wrong for Nigeria or any nation to deny homosexuals the same Human Rights as heterosexuals. And as an individual who is living infected with HIV since 1984, I am deeply concerned that this ill conceived Same Sex Bill passed by the Nigerian Senate will have a negative effect on Nigeria combating the spread of HIV and AIDS.

The HIV Population in Nigeria is 4,060,213... heterosexual sex accounts for 80% of all HIV transmissions in Nigeria. Many men who have sex with men do not define themselves as homosexual. More and more women are being infected with HIV through sexual intercourse with their male partner, unaware their partner is bisexual! Will the Nigerian Nation make Bisexuality illegal too?

It is my sincere hope that the Nigerian Senate Same SEX Bill will be defeated.

Bradford McIntyre, HIV+ since 1984
Vancouver, Canada


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