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Book: Look Beyond The Faces & Stories of People with HIV/AIDS
By Michelle Valberg

The Faces & Stories of People with HIV/AIDS

by Michelle Valberg


    Michelle Valberg has dedicated the past two years to fulfilling a vision: capturing on film people across Canada living positively with HIV/AIDS and recording their intimate reflections on life and love. The Photographs beautifully presented in LOOK BEYOND The Faces & Stories of People with HIV/AIDS will bring a smile to your face and tears to your eyes; they will fill you with warmth and give you hope for the future.

The Faces & Stories of People with HIV/AIDS By Michelle Valberg.
is dedicated to
Louis Turpin

These powerful photographs reveal the harsh reality of this disease, those it touches and those who are living with it.

“When Janet Connors said to me that today's only cure for AIDS was education, all my thoughts... all my hopes and dreams, were suddenly real.

My purpose for LOOK BEYOND was to show you through my photography that AIDS is no longer a “gay disease” and is a concern to all Canadians, especially to our children, their youth and the next generation.

It was a late fall day in 1993 when I watched a precious spirit taken away. Louis was a friend. Louis had AIDS. Louis brought a lot to my life in a short time and he continues to be with me, he has blessed this book, he gave me inspiration for this book, and I dedicated this book to him.

We can no longer put all our thoughts to reasons why AIDS is here, or who has it, but concentrate on what we are going to do about this growing concern. We have the power... we have the strength... we have the ability.

If I can bring to you and teach you an ounce of what these people have brought to my life, I will have done something for AIDS, or perhaps something for yourself, for your inner being. When I embarked on this project, I never imagined what was to lay ahead. I could have never known how much there was to learn, love and appreciate..

Everyone you see in this book has a powerful story attached to them, they are all very different individuals, but they all live together with the same dreadful disease.

There are many faces of AIDS... this is what this book is about.” - Michelle Valberg

Photographs: A selection of photographs in
Look Beyond The Faces & Stories of People with HIV/AIDS
By Michelle Valberg

Look Beyond is both a fund raising and educational book: proceeds will go to the Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation.

Fact: Peoples lives are continuously being put at risk from HIV?AIDS infection everyday

Fact: By the year 2000, there will be more than 20,000 children infected with HIV/AIDS in New York City alone.
What will happen to the children?

Fact: By the year 2000, women will out-number men in cases of HIV infection.

Lise Turpin,
Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation


Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation
The goal of the Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation is to establish, build and maintain a finacial resource available to organizations dedicated to AIDS educations, prevention and direct support services. The funds administered by the Foundation are used to create, expand and enhance HIV/AIDS programs offered by exisiting charitable organizations, in helping people touched by this disease.

The Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation is a fully recognized charitable foundation established in memory of Louis Turpin. On the day of Louis's death, as family and friends were gathered to share in his passing, an enormous snowy owl appeared just outside the window of Louis's room. For those present, that magnificent bird signified comfort and hope and became a living representation of the love, compassion and beuaty of the human spirit which is seen every day in the fight against HIV adn AIDS. snowyowl.org

"Reproduced with permission - Snowy Owl Foundation"

Snowy Owl Foundation

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