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Bradford McIntyre receives
PRIDE Legacy Award

This award recognizes an individual whose work has promoted Sexual Health + HIV/AIDS Awareness

Video: Vancouver Pride: 2013 Legacy Awards, Recipient Bradford McIntyre
Bradford McIntyre, recipient of the Pink Pride Legacy for Sexuality: Sexual Health, reflects on his life as an AIDS activist. Airdate: Dec 16, 2013.
Director/Producer: Melinda Friedman
Director of Photography (DOP): Dave Reddall

Spotlight Productions Inc.,

July 20, 2013 - Vancouver, B.C. - At this evenings inaugural PRIDE Legacy Awards Presented by TELUS, Maxine Davis, Executive Director of the Doctor Peter Centre, Presented Bradford McIntyre with the Pride Legacy Award in the PINK Category: Sexuality (Sexual Health + HIV/AIDS Awareness).

On stage, Bradford said, "I started creating HIV and AIDS awareness because I didn't want to see anybody go through what myself and others have gone through. And to be recognized for having done so is a great honour, especially from the GLBT community, who really is my family."

Bradford Dedicated his PRIDE Legacy Award to people infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS and to all the people we have lost to AIDS. The PRIDE Legacy Awards presented by Telus were held on July 20th at the Imperial on Main, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

The first annual PRIDE Legacy Awards Presented by TELUS celebrates individuals that built and continue to shape our community with their unabashed Pride, promoting the Legacy of Pride in Vancouver through their community service.

The Selection Committee was comprised of these community organizations: A Loving Spoonful, Adoptive Families Association of BC, AIDS Vancouver, Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation, Little Sisters, Loud Business, Mabel League Softball, OutlookTV, PFLAG, Pinoy Pride, Positive Living BC, Qmunity, the Empress of Canada Foundation and Xtra.

The eight awards each represent a colour of the rainbow flag as defined by Gilbert Baker, the artist who gave our community the rainbow flag.

Eight Awards were presented to outstanding community members who have contributed to Vancouver's LGBTQ culture.

PRIDE Legacy Award Winners:
Bradford McIntyre - Pink - Sexuality (Sexual Health + HIV/AIDS Awareness)
Shawn Ewing - Red - Life (Lifetime Achievement)
Jag Bilkhu - Orange - Healing (Sports)
Barb Snelgrove - Yellow - Sunlight ( Community Superstar)
Maria Foster - Green - Environment (Safe Spaces)
Joe Average - Turquoise - Art (ART)
Dean Malone - Blue - Harmony (Community Leaders)
Jen Sung - Purple - Spirit (Youth)

The PRIDE Legacy Awards are hand-blown glass, designed by Jordan Valley Glassworks in Michigan, U.S. Each award is made with love and care, free-blown and rolled in gemstones crushed to give them beautiful hues representing each award. Acknowledging that each recipient's contribution far exceed the award's scope, multiple micro-layers of metals and oxides have been rolled into the base, creating strands reflective glass that will shine in different colours depending on your perspective - much like how nominees shine in the community.

The PRIDE Legacy Awards presented by TELUS are a part of theVancouver PRIDE Society's 35th Anniversary Celebrations.

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