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Bradford's Essay
On HIV: Science, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Government and Media
Bradford's Essay
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Science, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Government and Media
by Bradford McIntyre



In 2001, I met Al Wong (scientist and President of Xymega Corporation) who has been involved with the chemistry of vitamins and minerals for the past 20 years. His company, Xymega Corporation has developed a product composed of plant sterols. Al has made his product available to me and he has included selenium, calcium, magnesium, kale, fish oil and plant sterols, which I take with ground organic flax seed. These have lowered my cholesterol and triglycerides; lessened the diarrhea caused by HIV/AIDS medications; improved my vision and aided in boosting my immune system, which provided me with an increased level of energy.

Originally, we sat down with my blood work results and we saw that the cholesterol and triglycerides were high. For two years, doctors have said that I was at risk of having a heart attack and should be on pharmaceuticals to reduce the high levels of cholesterol. The high cholesterol was attributed to the HIV/AIDS drugs. Instead of taking pharmaceuticals for the high cholesterol, I discussed the situation with AL Wong. I learned from him that my cholesterol was not the problem. The problem really lies in the triglycerides. Once recognized, I changed my diet and eating habits and incorporated the above supplements into my daily routine.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association states, " Treatment with highly active antiretroviral therapy does not appear to raise cholesterol levels in HIV-positive men."

Al Wong says, " Plant sterols occur naturally, in small amounts, in many common plant-based foods. These sterols are not steroids. Plant sterols have been studied and are known to be helpful in boosting the immune system (as characterized, for example, by CD4 cell counts) in HIV infected persons. The typical western diet provides a daily intake of 200-300 mg of plant sterols. Supplementation is often needed to provide an adequate intake of plant sterols for immune boosting, in addition to those provided by daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. Not all sterols are alike. Increased intake of certain minerals and vitamins, with plant sterols, can be expected to be beneficial in boosting the immune system. Your body should be the starting point to fight against HIV by first of all boosting the immune system, to maintain a good health status despite the fact that you are infected with HIV. Quite often, people have to rely on drugs to help them to fight off the infection. The way to get around this is if you're able to boost the immune system then the body itself has the ability to fight off infections."

It really is important that people take the time and research the benefits of complementary and alternative therapies and the positive impacts on your immune system. We have all these resources and we should be combining them rather than saying the only way to treat HIV and AIDS is with pharmaceuticals.



In many countries throughout the world, people are going to naturopathic physicians when faced with a health issue. Unfortunately, where I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, the government is planning to cut back the scope of naturopathic medicine by imposing controls on what a naturopathic physician can and cannot do. The B.C. government does not allow naturopathic physicians to have access to medical labs and x-rays or to prescribe medications. The proposed changes include limiting the ability of naturopathic physicians to perform physical exams, diagnose and treat food allergies and place severe restrictions on the medicines ND's use to treat patients. This year (2003), I have written letters to the Premier of B.C., the Health Minister of B.C. and other members of parliament in B.C. Plus, I have sent letters to every Health Minister and many members of parliament throughout Canada regarding this very important issue of supporting naturopathic physicians. We must not lose the right of choice and the right to choose!

Dr. Garrett Swetlikoff, ND, British Columbia Naturopath Association President says,
"The B.C. Liberal Government is developing scope of practice regulations, which will negatively impact the provision of valid, science-based, natural medicine from licensed naturopathic doctors. In addition, the proposed changes will limit patient heath care options. Oddly, this comes at a time when preventative medicine is being regarded as an essential component in addressing health care issues. Even Federal Health Minister Anne McLellan recognizes the benefit of complementary care. In recent correspondence, she referred to naturopathic medicine approaches as well placed to play an important role in advancing living strategies, preventing illness, and improving health. The B.C. Liberal's view is radically different than the federal view."

It is naturopathic physicians, not medical doctors, who are specifically educated as physicians but with an expertise in alternative medicine. The naturopathic physician spends years of pre-medical training, which is the same as a medical doctor, as well as spending another four years in naturopathic training at University. The United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and South Africa all have 3-4 year courses with a recognized degree.

Here in Vancouver, the Health Professions Act forbids the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia from acting against a medical doctor practicing "alternative medicine" unless the therapy can be demonstrated to be more dangerous than the conventional therapy. This same Act demands that naturopathic physicians, who are specialists in alternative medicine, must prove the absolute safety and efficacy of a treatment before it is allowed to be included in their practice. This double standard is ridiculously biased and does not recognize the naturopathic physician's expertise. Naturopathic physicians are licensed to diagnose and treat all medical conditions. Naturopathic physicians are specifically trained in the appropriate medical use of all natural prescriptions. However, the government continues to deny their ability to treat patients according to their needs by restricting naturopathic doctors from the same access to necessary prescriptions, labs and other diagnostic tools.

Naturopathic physicians are primary care providers! Government recognizes the value and credibility of naturopathic medical care and emphasize more, the value of preventive health care. It is particularly important now when we are experiencing a health care crisis in this province and across Canada. Government can advocate better acceptance of naturopathic medicine by the medical profession!

The naturopathic physician spends a great deal of time with me to explain my health condition and he gets to the root cause of the problem. Often, the naturopathic physician has answers for me where my MD does not! I'm only allowed a very limited time to address a health concern when I see my medical doctor. Usually, a visit is not more than ten minutes! This makes no sense when HIV illness is so complex! My naturopathic physician teaches me and emphasizes specifics in diet improvement, healthy lifestyle changes and approaches, which recognize the importance of a healthy body, mind and spirit. There are few other physicians who are able to take the necessary time with me.

For many people, their primary care provider is a naturopathic physician. Many in the medical profession are on the side of the government to change the scope of naturopathic medicine because they are losing patients! Many people living with HIV/AIDS have turned to naturopathic physicians. It is important to be aware that licensed MDs are legally required to use first line pharmaceutical intervention or risk losing their professional practice.

I. Poeitzer says,"More and more citizens are utilizing naturopathic medicine because it is safer, non-invasive, respects the body's natural healing potential and it has proven success. This move towards naturopathic and other non-allopathic modalities of health should indicate to you the political will of the people."

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